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Team Introduction

WORLD-AC (World Athlete Club), having the motto of "Road to the World from Okayama!", aims to employ and train para sport athletes and contribute to the local community through para sports.
Moreover, to convey and disseminate the wonder of para sports, we aim to participate and achieve results (win medals) in various competitions inside and outside Japan.


Training World-class Athletes

The top team of WORLD-AC was established on March 1, 2016. Examples of corporations launching para sport sports teams were still rare in Japan at that time, so the team attracted a lot of attention. Mr. Matsunaga is both an athlete and a team coach. He wants to create an environment in which young athletes can function as both competitors and working members of society. His desire is to nurture top athletes who can undertake responsibility in both these areas. The company responded to these aspirations. When deciding what to call the team, rather than simply adopting the company name, it was decided to prefix the name with "World", reflecting the goal of aiming for world-class performance. Two of the team members took part in the 2016 Rio Paralympics, winning two silver medals, and in the process commencing activities worthy of the team's name.

Maybe you will be the one to take on the world next. WORLD-AC awaits your challenge as you aspire to compete on the world stage.

Figure: WORLD-AC Organizational Overview


Realizing self-growth through various para sports

WORLD-second, which is the second team, was established with the aims of, together with the growth of WORLD-AC, making sport more accessible, promoting the inherent fun of sport, attaining goals and encouraging self-growth based on mutual encouragement. More than just winning, maybe the most important thing in sport is to attain mental and physical soundness.

WORLD-second supports all para sports, whether the goal is to become a top team or to help individual athletes strive for their individual targets. We will help you take your first step at any time.

WORLD-second is recruiting members from inside and outside of the company from now on.

Team profile

Operating body grop sincerite Co., Ltd.
Representative Shogo Takata
Coach Hitoshi Matsunaga
Department Director Yugo Kusaka
Managers Shinjiro Oki, Yu Sadano
Staff Tomoki Tanaka, Keita Katayama, Kayo Moritani, Misato Nojima, Toshiya Kadoya

grop sincerite Co., Ltd. WORLD-AC Secretariat

Address 8-6-14 Ima, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 700-0975
Contact 〈main switchboard〉TEL:086-805-6381 FAX:086-805-6382

WORLD-AC BASE (Training Gym)

Address OS Daiichi Building, 1223-5 Shimonakano, Kita-ku, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan 700-0973

Team History

2014, April Mr. Matsunaga signed an athlete contract to join grop sincerite Co., Ltd.
2015, September Mr. Satoh joined the company as a regular employee
2015, December Mr. Ikoma joined the company as a regular employee
2016, March GROP SINCERITE WORLD-AC (World Athlete Club) is established
2016, September Matsunaga and Sato are selected to the Japan team for the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics. Sato wins silver medals in the T52 class 400m and 1500m races.
2017, January Official establishment of the second team WORLD-second
2018, June Opening of WORLD-AC BASE (Training Gym) in Shimonakano, Kita-ku, Okayama City