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Hibiki Toyota

Athlete event class T54

  • Chosen as an athlete for special coaching support in 2022 (Japan Para Athletics Federation)
  • Born on March 16, 2006 from Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture.

He was born and raised in Okayama. Although he had a congenital disorder, he went to an ordinary school.
He first encountered para sports in a training session when he was a first-year junior high school student. The visit of para-athlete Matsunaga to his school inspired him to try out track and field athletics. He practiced constantly at a local wheelchair athletics school, and built up team practice as a member of WORLD-second.

Though yet to reach his full potential, he has certainly achieved growth, gaining entry to WORLD-AC in April 2021. He's aiming at the world stage, chasing his dream to go from being a member of the youth team to being on the Japan team itself!


2019,July Joined WORLD-second
2021,March Graduated from junior high school
2021,April WORLD-AC promotion
2021,April High school enrollment
2021,December Bahrain 2021 Asian Youth Para Games Japan National Team
(personal best records)
100m 15.52
200m 28.17
400m 52.41
800m 1:42.90
Hobbies Sports, music, calligraphy
Nickname Toyochi
Favorite food Sushi, hamburger, omelet rice
Least favorite food Spicy and hot food
Motto Whole body, strong heart that never gives up

Main Results in Competition

2021 2021 Bahrain 2021 Asian Youth Para Games 100m / 400m Gold medal 800m Silver medal (U-17)
2021 2021 Japan Para Athletics Tournament 100m 6th place, 200m 2nd place, 400m 6th place
2021 32nd Japan Para Athletics Championships 100m final advance ,400m 7th place 
2020 Kanto Para Athletics Championships 100m 5th place ,400m 7th place
2020 Japan Para Athletics Championships 100m 6th place ,400m 7th place
2019 Chugoku-Shikoku Para Athletics Tournament 100m 200m 400m

Main Awards

2022 2021 Okayama Prefecture Top Athletes Award Sports Excellence Award
2022 21th Okayama City Kinue Hitomi Sports Awards Sports Honor Award

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I've lived in a wheelchair since I was born.
Ever since I was young, I've always liked to be active.
Soon after entering junior high school I met Mr. Matsunaga at a training session and started competing in track and field.
After school I would combine club activities with training and practiced track and field with my seniors.
Every day I’m doing my best to follow in the footsteps of my seniors, to achieve growth through track and field and academic work.
I'm devoting myself completely and single-mindedly to becoming a global number one athlete in the future never to give myself up. I appreciate all your support.

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